Bubble Soccer Ball

by / Wednesday, 02 September 2015 / Published in Bubble Soccer Ball Suit, Bubble Soccer Balls, Buy Bubble Soccer Balls

The ‘Bubble Soccer Ball’, the new craze in the USA
America is not the birthplace of bubble soccer ball, but have invented an alternative that has become trend. It’s called “bubble soccer ball”, combining the skills of football with the thrill of bumper cars.
“You can participate and beating with other players, it is a great fun because you’re in a bubble”
“From small bubble he dreamed of playing football, and I’m here at the National Stadium being the center of attention.”
“It’s very hard to get up when you fall. Somehow you have to roll with the punches”
Falls, somersaults, coups … are some of the characteristics that identify this game.
The “soccer bubble ball” is no age requirement, and there are already several companies that have emulated this business model through the world.



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