Bubble Soccer Balls Order-10 Balls

New Bubble Soccer Balls. Bubble Soccer Ball is like no other one thing, it’s several things combined.


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Product Description

New Bubble Football. Bubble Football is like no other one thing, it’s several things combined. Of course, you are playing football but you are also carrying a 30lb inflatable ball on your shoulders which allows you to bump, roll, and flip down the field as you laugh and enjoy the game of football with your friends.

Played New Bubble Football  for this first time ever today, and it was much tougher than all of us expected! I played in a mini tournament, and we ultimately made each game shorter and shorter because of how exhausted everyone was.

We played outside in the sun on a warm day, and it was surprisingly warm within the bubble, which seemed to just attract/gather heat. That aside, the bubble is also much heavier than it looks, so after even a just few steps of running, you’re pretty tired. To add to that, whenever you get knocked over (which is only scary the first time, and is just funny after that), if you’re short (like I am), it definitely takes a good amount of energy to have to stand back up.

To sum it up though, definitely worth all the energy expended! These games are hilarious.
We test each ball for to ensure the ball seamed exactly well.
Delivery time: arrive within 14 days after payment
Logo printing: free
Warranty: 1 year quality guarantee and free repair kit.

About PVC/TPU Bubble Soccer Balls :
Both TPU or PVC types look the same and both with best quality.

Q: What is TPU – Thermoplastic Urethane? Why TPU is more expensive than PVC?
A: TPU’s full name: (Thermoplastic Elastomer Urethane Copolymer) is a new non-toxic materials, The wide application of products, TPU will be replaced by a product of PVC.
-Resistant to solvent, oil and grease.
-Excellent strength, break strength and elongation
-Better resistance to hydrolysis
-Better resistance to low temperature
-Better mycete-proof

Q:What is the difference between the PVC and the TPU material?
A:For TPU material, it is more durable than PVC. It dont have any bad smell if the weather is much hot.
So it is used in most of hot city, like Lubbock,Oklahoma City,Raleigh,Tulsa,Austin. We have many customers there. Attached is our SGS TPU material testing report. There are lots of fake TPU on sale in internet since their price even can not approach our cost.

Related accessories go to you with the purchase for our Bumper Ball.
Free Accessories For Your Order!
CE/UL standard blower,1x680W,110-130V/220-240V at FREE ( 6 Balls 1 Free )
Repair kit and glue at FREE ( Please note we wont send GLUE because Customs Unallow)
Heavy duty PVC tarp. Bag and PP woven bag are offered at FREE
Simple logo/company name/website/telephone No. etc in 1C at FREE
Theme Panels/Banners/Logo in 4C can be made accordingly but charge


For the One Year Warranty:
The ballcome with 1 Year Warranty for customer deficiencies (you are responsible for all shipping). For manufacturer deficiencies, we will re-ship new one instead if the ball is under the condition of normal use.After the warranty expires or for non-covered damages to ball, we are able to repair ball at a fraction of the cost of new ball.


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